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Guarantee amazing project success with CDM total design and construction project management. CDM is your reliable "one stop" for complete project control and accountability. Financially sound pro formas; vigilant quality control; careful team development; and prudent project cost control are all seamlessly provided for your project by CDM.

Commercial, Ecclesiastical & Residential Projects

CDM has committed a large percentage of its resources to develop data based information related to building design types and construction management models suitable for its client base. CDM's complete "one stop management services" allow our clients to make optimum use of their time, and clients maintain project accountability and control while delegating project management and technical responsibilities to our firm. CDM's unified team approach recognizes the significance of ecclesiastical and community facilities within our neighborhoods. CDM is committed to providing professional services to support such quality development. We understand that the single most important element of functional design and economical construction is to use the resources available to produce the building with the maximum life cycle possible. And delivering a project on "time and within budget" is a cornerstone at CDM.

Management Approach

The company's design and construction management approach is premised on CDM providing our clients with assistance and guidance as they make decisions required by the options and alternatives they encounter during project development.

Decision-making [options and alternatives] begins with identifying project constraints, addressing budget limitations, coordinating programming relationship, establishing and reviewing design/construction solutions and providing our clients with cost effective recommendations. CDM's goal is to align the client's human and material resources with the unique talents of CDM & Associates through our unified "team" concept. CDM is that conduit and has the format, which allows communications to function at its maximum potential. The company's attention to detail provides our clientele with a Project that will support their unique mission and project goals.

Project Schedule
CDM has established a record of accomplishment for timely response to our clients' requirements. This insures that project schedules maintained, even with unexpected project tasks, critical path items, and compressed completion dates occur. Through regularly scheduled project review meetings and hi-weekly project monitoring CDM identifies potential schedule difficulties or variance and recommends corrective measures/actions that help mitigate or avoid adverse affects on the Project.
Quality Control
CDM has developed quality control procedures and standards, which it uses throughout the development of the project. Providing "quality" professional services is important for "timely" responsiveness to our client needs. CDM approaches "quality" by incorporating our clients' mission into our own, and by meeting and/or exceeding expectations through CDM's consistent delivery of the highest quality product. Experienced, established professionals or specialty consultants on CDM's staff to provide specific services on the client's project conduct quality control reviews.
Let CDM create a customized plan for your project management-from concept design to occupancy, CDM will coordinate all phases of design and development with your bottom line in mind-CDM is dedicated to your success.